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The link below will take you to our podcasts on Podbean.  There is no cost. Our mission is to continuously increase the number of people honoring Christ and drawing nearer to Him through the praying of the Stations.  If you would like to support our mission, click on the SUPPORT US tab. 

Thank you for praying the Stations.



XIV from the Crowd (65 minutes, rough cut)

Pray the Stations as you stand among the crowd following Christ along the Way of the Cross and hear their thoughts and reactions. Some are harsh and bitter. Some sorrowful and despairing. Others sympathetic and longing. All, in their own way, seek understanding. 

We call this our “rough cut” because it was made in the spring of 2020 just after the COVID 19 virus closed down everything. Performers recorded on their own phones or devices, often in cars or closets to eliminate surrounding noise. They were unable to practice or receive direction and feedback.  Nonetheless, thanks to their zeal and the work and talents of our Audio Producer Daene Schweiger who somehow put it all together, the result is beautiful. If you love music as a part of your prayer, you will love the Psalm verses sung by Danny Leger.

We hope to create a “final cut” for the spring of 2022.


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