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I was mesmerized. I liked seeing what Mary Magdalene…what the experience was for her. It brings a different impact. It makes it more human.

Carol Rygod, as quoted in The Catholic Voice March 20, 2020

For me, this experience (The Magdalene XIV live presentation) was both respectfully traditional and wonderfully relevant. Mary Magdalene’s reflections captured a “you-were-there” feeling, but with a fresh perspective.  The reflection questions and participant prayers brought each station into today’s lived experience. The text was beautifully written and performed. I highly recommend this experience to all the faithful.

Christine Edmonds, Director of Adult Faith Formation, St. Wenceslaus Parish, Omaha


I thought it was powerful and moving. It helped to better visualize, to almost participate in the Passion, like you were there.

Loren Steenson, as quoted in The Catholic Voice March 20, 2020


I was fortunate to attend The Magdalene XIV Stations at my parish.  The program touched my heart deeply.  Christina’s portrayal of Magdalene and the prayers placed me at the scene of our Lord’s enormous suffering and opened my heart to the tremendous love He has for me.  The evening was a blessing for my Lenten season.

Mary Stieren, Director of Pastoral Ministry, St. Wenceslaus Parish, Omaha


That (listening to the podcast of XIV from the Crowd) was the most incredible manner to make the Stations of the Cross I have ever experienced…the theatrical voices, music/song (loved the singing of the Psalms), prayer, thoughtful questions (aka Examen) – listened to XIV from the Crowd one. Will be listening to The Magdalene XIV soon.

Thank you for making it possible for us to listen via the links and materials – I shared the links on my FB and text to all my friends and family.  Everyone loved it too.

Cora Thelen,  Omaha

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