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What is “The Magdalene XIV”?

“The Magdalene XIV” is a prayerful meditation on the Stations of the Cross in which a performer in the character of Mary Magdalene guides and prays with the congregation by recalling her memories, thoughts and feelings at each station.


Why Mary Magdalene?

The Gospels clearly and convincingly establish Mary Magdalene as a reliable witness.  In Luke Chapter 8 she is mentioned as one of the followers and financial supporters of Jesus just a few chapters after the call of the Apostles.  All four Gospels state or imply (Luke does not mention names) that Mary Magdalene witnessed the crucifixion and entombment of Christ. All four identify her, either individually or as a member of a group, as the first to discover the empty tomb of Christ.

Please note: “The Magdalene XIV” is NOT a “show”. There is not a program with performer names. There is not applause or curtain calls.  It is a prayer. The focus of “The Magdalene XIV” is on Jesus along the Way of the Cross as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene. The monologues at each station that reflect her memories, thoughts and feelings serve to inspire and deepen a prayerful reflection on the Stations.

Does the congregation participate?

Yes. The congregation’s participation is essential to “The Magdalene XIV”. The congregation participates by reading prayers out loud and reflecting silently. It is the congregation that creates the communal prayer that in unison lifts our hearts up to God.

How long is “The Magdalene XIV”?

“The Magdalene XIV” is 45 minutes long.

No Costs/Requirements

 “The Magdalene XIV” is a communal prayer held in a church. Like all such services, it is open to everyone at no cost.  XIV Ministries which presents “The Magdalene XIV” is a ministry made up of volunteers who love the tradition of the Stations. XIV Ministries covers its own expenses for costumes, materials, etc. We do ask the parish to assist with publicity and allow us to ask for donations to help further the ministry.

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