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What is “XIV from the Crowd”?

“XIV from the Crowd” is a prayerful meditation on the Stations of the Cross with traditional prayers (“We adore you…”), spoken and sung verses from the Psalms, visuals, and short (1-3 minute) dramatic monologues spoken by persons from the crowd following Jesus along the path to Golgotha.

Dramatic Monologues?

Yes. The monologues, delivered by actors rather than simply read, are the distinguishing feature of “XIV from the Crowd”.  Live performers create characters who stand face to face with the congregation and tell them of their experiences, thoughts and feelings as part of the crowd surrounding Jesus along the Way of the Cross. The characters in “XIV” respond to Jesus in a variety of ways, including compassion, cruelty, and confusion, but all of them grip the hearts and minds of the congregation.

Please note: “XIV from the Crowd” is NOT a “show”. There is not a program with performer names. There is not applause or curtain calls.  It is a prayer. The focus of “XIV” is on Jesus along the Way of the Cross as seen through the eyes of the people in the crowd around him. The monologues, music, visuals, etc. that are a part of “XIV from the Crowd” all serve to inspire and deepen a prayerful reflection on the Stations.

Does the congregation participate?

 Yes. The congregation’s participation is essential to “XIV from the Crowd”. The congregation participates by reading prayers, singing psalm verses, and reflecting on examination-of-conscience type questions. It is the congregation that creates the communal prayer that in unison lifts our hearts up to God.

How long is “XIV”?

“XIV from the Crowd” typically lasts just over an hour….60-70 minutes.

No Costs/Requirements

 “XIV from the Crowd” is a communal prayer held in a church. Like all such services, it is open to everyone at no cost.  XIV Ministries which presents “XIV from the Crowd” is a ministry made up of volunteers who love the tradition of the Stations. XIV Ministries covers its own expenses for costumes, materials, etc. We do ask the parish to assist with publicity and allow us to ask for donations to help further the ministry. 

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