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What is The Such As These XIV (TSAT XIV)?

The Such As These XIV is a prayerful meditation on the Stations of the Cross with traditional prayers (“We adore you…”) and short (1-3 minute) dramatic monologues presented by young people (upper elementary to high school performers) portraying youth who are in the crowd following Jesus along the path to Golgotha. For those familiar with our XIV from the Crowd, it is similar, except with youth and from a youth perspective.

Dramatic Monologues?

Yes. The monologues, read dramatically by young performers, express the experiences, thoughts and feelings of young people who are part of the crowd surrounding Jesus along the Way of the Cross. The characters in TSAT XIV  respond to what they see with sorrow, frustration, fear, dread, tenderness, confusion and more.


TSAT XIV is for children?


Yes…AND adults.


There are two versions. One we do for all-youth congregations (like religious education programs) and one we do for a general (mainly adult) congregation. The monologues are the same in each, but the meditations are changed to best match the youth or adult congregation.


For youth, TSAT XIV makes the Stations more relatable and understandable.


For adults, TSAT XIV presents the Stations from the perspective of youthful innocence and love—the perspective Jesus seems to recommend when he says, “Unless you become….” Much like the character Scout in the classic To Kill A Mockingbird,  the youth in TSAT XIV are children but not childish. They see with a clarity and speak with an honesty often not found in the adult world. 

Does the congregation participate?

Yes. The congregation’s participation is essential. The congregation participates by reading prayers and reflecting on examination-of-conscience type questions. It is the congregation that creates the communal prayer that in unison lifts our hearts up to God.

How long is TSAT XIV?

It usually lasts around 45 minutes.

No Costs/Requirements

TSAT XIV  is a communal prayer held in a church. Like all such services, it is open to everyone at no cost.  XIV Ministries is a ministry made up of volunteers who love the tradition of the Stations. XIV Ministries covers its own expenses for programs, costumes, etc. We do ask the parish to assist with publicity and allow us to ask for donations to help further the ministry. 


Special Opportunity for Youth Ministry and Religious Formation groups


XIV Ministries would be pleased to share its TSAT XIV scripts and congregation programs with youth groups or religious formation programs who would like to present TSAT XIV at their own parish with their own youth.  See the “Contact Us” tab to connect with us and get started.

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