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We appreciate the financial support that enables us to build up XIV Ministries.

Please Note:  At this time, we do not yet have official 501 (C) (3) non-profit status.


Join the Cause

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting and/or getting involved in XIV Ministries!

Evangelism is a devotion of time, talent and resources to the Word of God. Such giving of oneself means, plain and simple, work. And too often, just as in the time of Jesus, “the laborers are few”. 

As with all labors of love, however, a mission like XIV Ministries is also exciting and meaningful. We invite you to share in both the sacrifice and the fulfillment of the labor. Here are ways you can work for the mission:

  1. First and foremost, pray for us and pray with us. Participate in a Stations of the Cross presented by XIV. Your presence witnesses to others the value of the Stations.

  2. Share information about XIV—including this website, upcoming presentations, etc.

  3. Invite others to come to a presentation with you.

  4. After participating in a presentation, share about your experience of the Stations with others.

  5. Share your talents in the following areas: 

    • Director

    • Performer

    • Vocal or/or instrumental musician

    • Technical theater—lights, sound, projection

    • Videographer

    • Audio recording

    • Legal advisor

    • Printing / publicity

    • Translator (Spanish, other)

  6. Support XIV financially.


To offer your talents or support, or to get more information, please contact us (see the “Contact Us” tab)

To Contribute Through PayPal:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

To Contribute by Check:

Make checks payable to XIV/Kevin Euteneuer.

Mail to:

XIV Ministries

10522 Larimore Circle

Omaha, NE 68134

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